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advertising gifts to do in the end do not want to discount?

May 12, 2017

Advertising gifts operators are aware of a rule, that is, promotion, but many businesses to do the hot promotion, but did not receive the expected results, then it is not your promotional methods and ways to have problems, the following Xiaobian for the promotion to do A comprehensive analysis, I hope to help you businesses.


First, do promotions in the end do not want to discount?


If it is five years ago, maybe someone can say, determined not to discount. However, the discount is the most serious brand suicide, discounted, the guests more business, but not much profit, turnover is not the fundamental purpose of our pursuit, profit is the fundamental purpose of our pursuit. Therefore, the discount space can be used to do planning packaging.


Second, the inventory is equal to the profit?


For example: a group of products, goods come in, found to sell, so began to promote. The purchase price of 200 yuan, the retail price of 400 yuan, how to promote the vast majority of retailers have a concept that is the discount goods, at least tolls, electricity earned back, not below the cost price. People's Achilles heels in 200 yuan, that is, the price of the order. Once you set the price of 200 yuan, you lose, lost in the way you calculate with the opponent is not the same. You count the small account, the opponent is considered a big account, so you plan the way, there must be no opponent powerful. Opponents count is not a product of the balance points, but a shop balance points. So, before the promotion, we must shop break-even point to find, in order to finally determine your promotional range.