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Artificial magnet

Feb 23, 2017

Artificial Magnet: it includes horseshoe magnet bar magnet, is the most common in the lives of everyone, more popular horseshoe magnet. Single refers to the side of the magnet of magnetic, magnetic magnets with weaker on the other side, method is to use a special process of galvanized iron sheets to wrap the side of double-sided magnet, wrapped side magnetic shielding, magnetic force is reflected to the other side, magnetic enhancement on the other side. Some occasions require a magnetic, magnetic damage or disturbance on the other side some occasions such as on the box of magnets only requires a magnetic, optional on the other side, there is no use magnetic, which uses single-sided magnetic significantly reduces costs, saves material. Single magnet magnetic refraction as satellite dishes on Refraction or flashlight lamp light refraction, refraction effect consists of the following three factors: 1. material: the choice of materials and thickness, as well as the distance between magnet and materials have a close relationship. Pure metal prone to magnetic flux leakage, specially treated after refraction increases, but 100% shielding materials are not out, but materials made by different manufacturers have different effect.