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How to choose personalized custom corporate gifts to make cooperation more enjoyable?

Jun 20, 2017

I believe that many people have the need to give gifts to partners or experience. If you can send to each other's heart, not only to promote the private feelings between each other, more conducive to future cooperation. Some companies will use this point, when the business has not yet started, please guests to dinner, or send a little gift to the partners. Which personalized custom gifts more and more popular, can quickly increase the turnover rate.


However, when giving a partner gift, take into account the interests of the exchange relationship. Professional managers generally believe that the effectiveness of business gifts is built on the gift to the recipients of the use. If the gift is useless, it may also have a negative effect, if the gift is used, customers will often think of the gift. Enterprises or individuals in the selection of business gifts, to grasp the following principles.


(1) It is the best gift to choose what the ritual wants. That is, according to the idea of the recipe to choose gifts custom. The rituals want to often use things often used to make customers often think of gifts or gifts presented to the company.


(2) The best gift is accidental. Unexpected gifts are easily surprising and easy to forget. Can not send everyone to send, including alcohol and tobacco are in its column. Including the gift of partners will be better than the gift of public gifts, so that recipients keep in mind. Gift more counterparts, the deeper the degree of thanksgiving partners. There are a lot of people who give gifts to big partners, so they are the most common, so this kind of gift is most likely to make the partner forget. Personalized gift custom is not the same, there are commemorative value, keep in mind.


(3) cautious gift of high prices of gifts. If the value of the gift is too high, it will be treated as a bribe. You should express your attention, and not let the partners feel what should be purchased to show thanks. Some of the advanced custom Zisha tea sets, cutlery, vases, the price is not expensive, the effect is very good.


(4) We take advantage of advertisement and promotion gift. If the "gift" contains their own logo, it is equivalent to the use of free advertising for the recipient, therefore, to the higher level of business partners is not a real gift. You can add your own logo to the message. If you are in volume, you can choose advertising promotional gifts.


How to give gifts to partners. You can go directly to the partner company to give me; if not just, to the secretary or the front instead (of course, to senior custom gifts to pay attention to packaging, can not go light); you and partner Li in the same city or not easy to send To the company's words can use the courier; if the partner and the Department of more intimate or want to take advantage of the development of feelings, then, may wish to partner out to sit; if you can not directly to the hands of partners, you can pay close cooperation partnership And rest assured that the third party on behalf of the delivery.