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how to clean cell phone screen?

Jul 25, 2017

Method 1: Microfiber Sticker with screen cleaner

Regardless of whether the phone is film, the use of Microfiber Sticker to clean the screen is the best way. They are easy to carry, soft fiber and will not hurt the screen, more importantly, its clean ability is very good. In addition, with some special screen cleaner, often get better results, but need to pay attention not to spray too much, but also do not spray directly to the screen, but sprayed on the fiber cloth, you can gently wipe.

Method 2: Dedicated cell phone sterilizer

The market also has some use of UV lights on the phone disinfection of sterilizer, relatively speaking, is a more effective way to kill bacteria. Although you still need to use a soft cloth to wipe the fingerprint, but the UV can not see the bacteria to kill the naked eye. Buy such accessories to try to choose a big brand, to prevent poor quality of cottage products and damage the phone.


Two taboo:

First, do not use alcohol to wipe the screen, although it looks very effective, can instantly remove the oil, can reduce the bacteria, but the alcohol component will damage the screen coating. In addition, do not use wet wipes to wipe the screen, on the one hand they may contain alcohol, and if the phone is not a film, paper towels are more rough, it is possible to scratch the screen.