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How to determine the future development of promotional gifts industry?

Jul 11, 2017

Promotional gift industry, the future development trend of formal revealed, summed up, mainly in the following five trends:

One: the proportion of personal gifts rose, the proportion of corporate gifts decreased. In 2011, the gift market accounted for 40% of the personal gift consumption, corporate custom gifts accounted for 60%, but against the official consumption is inhibited, state-owned enterprises, government and institutions, the proportion of custom gift will be reduced. The development of gifts included in the shopping bags, refrigerator, key ring and other products printed on their own LOGO.

Second: personal gifts consumer-oriented gift customization. For a long time, enterprises, government, institutions are the main gift of custom gifts, custom gifts are mostly as employee benefits, presented to customers and other reasons. But the gift customization model is rarely applied to personal consumption, because the number of individuals is limited. But it is undeniable that the individual has a strong demand for custom gifts. Some of the company's personal custom attempts, but also achieved good results. Shanghai Zhen family through the market put dozens of different series, hundreds of different styles of family of gloves, the basic to meet the needs of personalized gifts, by a large number of consumers blitz.

Three: gift purchase from the concentration to the dispersion. During the holiday season, gift sales are often several times as usual. But with the changes in the concept of people's gifts, as well as a variety of festivals more and more, the gift of consumption is from the concentration to decentralized. Holiday gifts include Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts and so on.

Four: composite gift sales channels increasingly formed. Early gifts for the channel is not control of the ability, mainly responsible for the production, and then or wholesale or seek agents. This model is difficult to build a gift brand. With the rise of electricity and social marketing, gift companies began to build a composite marketing channels. To the family of gloves marketing system, consumers can buy products through the mall, but also through the offline channels, such as physical stores to buy products. At present, the family has hundreds of family partners.

Five: remodeling the warmth of the gift kernel. In a material shortage of the era, consumers emphasize the practicality of gifts, daily necessities is not durable, food is not good. But in a very rich material, in addition to practicality, but also hope that through the delivery of warmth, so practical and warmth can be said that the gift must be necessary. Microfiber Sticker Clean, coaster is a full of warmth of the practical gifts, both to protect each other's hands, but also to express care, care of the meaning.