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How to make a simple Fridge Magnets

Jun 12, 2017

With the prevalence of a variety of promotional gifts on the market, promotional gifts of a new member of the Fridge Magnets slowly into the homes of ordinary people. From the initial strange to familiar to love, modeling lovely Fridge Magnets stickers gradually become one of the most popular promotional gifts. In fact, the production of Fridge Magnets is relatively simple, if you can also like in their own home production of Fridge Magnets. First of all, first to the market to buy some rubber magnetic stripe, the thickness of about 1mm to 2mm or so, if you need to be attached to the relatively heavy quality of small items can choose thicker rubber magnetic stripe. Again, prepare some printing paper and glue. If you do not like the pattern of printing paper can use some of their favorite small items, such as with a special glass souvenirs, warm little photos and the like. And then paste the paper with glue on the rubber magnetic stripe, it is compacted without leaving the gap. Finally, the glue is dry and the simple Fridge Magnets is finished. Make a Fridge Magnets at home can produce a unique Fridge Magnets, you can also feel warm by their own production time. Such a wonderful experience, why not?