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Recycling shopping bags or into the future development trend

May 03, 2017

China's production of vest bags of plastic bags of a total of more than 60,000 enterprises, but most of the plastic bags can not be degraded. This poses a huge threat to the environment. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags with high strength, good toughness, biodegradable, non-toxic, but the cost is relatively high, is 1.5-3 times the ordinary plastic bags. With the implementation of China's plastic limit order, as well as garbage sorting speed, driven by the degradation of shopping bags, garbage bags increased rapidly.


Although the cycle of shopping bags after years of research and development, has achieved satisfactory results, but there are still difficult processing, high prices, technology and other technical issues to be further improved. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the development and industrialization of product applications, strengthen the research and development of products processing, improve the garbage collection and processing system, promote the process of biodegradable plastics recycling and accelerate the development of relevant policies and regulations to become the focus of the development of biodegradable plastics industry.


At present, the global vest plastic bags and disposable daily plastic bags and other market demand is about 30 million tons, while the global production capacity of degradable plastics is only 800,000 tons, far from meeting the market demand. The EU's total ban on the use of traditional plastic bags, as well as the bioremediation of materials, vigorously promote the development of recyclable shopping bags to bring new opportunities to promote the rapid development of biodegradable plastic bags industry.