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Silicone and soft material of the refrigerator, detailed analysis of the details

May 03, 2017

Soft fritters and silicone fridge on the domestic market to see not much, this product is used in foreign countries more, so the market is not easy to see, but already very popular in foreign countries, such a refrigerator It is attached to the refrigerator in their own homes, both play a beautiful role, but also play up the refrigerator in the food is out of date and some other data inside the refrigerator, the product is generally behind a soft magnetic, used to posts in the refrigerator above , So it is also called magnetic refrigerator.

But the soft fridge seems to fade out of the market, and replaced the silicone refrigerator. So why is the soft fridge paste why the replacement of the silicone fridge and why can stand out?

The original soft plastic has a sub-environmental protection and environmental protection level, and silica gel is the environmental level of the material. So of course people will be more interested in silicone materials it!

Silicone fridge attached to the shape than the soft fridge slightly better than the chip, the use of "multi-color one molding" process to do the silicone fridge, the product looks more and more delicate and can also do four-color printing (CMYK).

The price is also compared to the silicone offer a little bit, this is because the new process simple to reduce the cost of labor, and feel the silicone fridge than the soft fridge paste feel more comfortable and comfortable. This is the reason why the silicone refrigerator gradually popular up, whether it is used for advertising gifts or promotional gifts are very suitable.