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What are the principles of choosing a promotional gift?

Jul 18, 2017

Folding Polyester Shopping Bag.jpg1, the principle of practicality

Whether a promotional gift is practical, it is necessary to judge the consumer's satisfaction with the gift to judge, in general, the consumer has a practical value of gifts, are practical. Such as consumers want to buy a mobile phone, then the promotional gifts can choose to give Microfiber Sticker Clean and other supplies. Consumers want to buy a refrigerator, you can give a Calendar Magnets for refrigerator. This allows consumers to better appreciate the practicality of promotional gifts

2, the principle of value perceptual. The principle of value need to grasp the right point, the value of gifts is too low, the consumer can not play a role, not the real role of promotion. High sense of value, increase the cost of consumption, but also make consumers questioned.

3, good emotional. Good emotional gifts, generally easy to use easy to bring gifts (such as recyclable shopping bags, key ring), the general gift volume is not easy to cause unnecessary burden. Choose these emotional promotional items, so that consumers feel everywhere for the sake of customers, to give consumers a good impression.

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