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The production of environmentally friendly shopping bags

May 03, 2017

The general market of environmentally friendly shopping bags is non-woven fabrics for the majority of the following we talk about the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags and production process. Material selection: the current non-woven industry, the composition of raw materials roughly: 63% of polypropylene, 23% polyester, 8% viscose, 2% acrylic fiber, 1.5% polyamide, the remaining 3% For other fibers. Color: white and black mostly, can add color material into a different color of the cloth. Thickness: non-woven fabric thickness is divided according to the number of grams, the market for the number of grams of environmentally friendly shopping bags is generally between 45 grams -100 grams, the higher the number of grams of the relative cost will increase, while the price also Can sell some higher. Non-woven prices: the price of non-woven fabrics with the increasing demand for the market is also rising prices, soaring, from the beginning of the 12000-13000 to the current growth of 19000-20500, with the restrictions on the implementation of the efforts to increase , Raw materials rose space is relatively large. Cutting: non-woven fabrics with the same as a roll of a volume, the width from 1.1 meters to 1.6 meters, non-woven cutting can be divided into machine cutting and artificial cutting, machine cutting: the same paper with the same principle of cutting Is a sheet out, a maximum of 300-400 can be cut, the higher the cost of cutting the machine, the efficiency is also higher, artificial cutting: with the same clothing cut, with electric cutting knife, one can also cut dozens of pieces. Printing: non-woven printing can be divided into manual and automatic, color is divided into monochrome, two-color, four-color and multi-color, the price from the most simple screen printing hundreds of pieces to full automatic multi- To million welding: environmentally friendly shopping bag production process mainly for welding or sewing.