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car air freshener

May 15, 2017

Car fragrance is a kind of car, air conditioning perfume. Fragrant slices using high-density absorbent cotton paper, double-sided printing, carefully developed from the slow release of the fragrance system, by the special spices ion fragrance, can make the active ingredient slowly released, easy to make the car and home air Become elegant and pleasant, because it contains natural plant essential oils, the application of a unique fragrant mandarin core technology, just put it in the car's vents, fresh and pleasant fragrance can be distributed out, fragrance for a long time.

According to their own preferences at random loading in the car or air conditioning, and according to the requirements of the guests to do personalized packaging and LOGO printing, for industry promotion and advertising gifts, is the best choice for car and home promotional gifts. With fresh air, mildew moth, deodorant aroma, get rid of odor, eliminate fatigue, refreshing effect.

Application: Suitable for car pendant, hotel, hotel, office office, car, smoking occasions, family indoor, bathroom, toilet, wardrobe, living room, entertainment hall, conference room, bedroom and other places