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What are the features and roles of promotional gifts in jewelry marketing?

Jun 12, 2017

Like a kind of food chain, are consistent with each other! Or play a role with it! We support the supermarket to buy fruit is such a pile of apples above or the edge there are a lot of do not know is the apple leaves or what leaves! Anyway, we first look at the gift in the jewelry marketing in the function and role of what?

    Today, promotional gifts in the sale of goods plays a very important role. Big to buy a house to buy a car to send furniture, car supplies, small to do credit cards, supermarket merchandise promotions when the cups, wallets, umbrellas, etc., promotional gifts can be said to be varied, its role is remarkable The

    For the jewelry businessmen, more and more intense market competition, forcing them to rack their brains to find ways to use various forms to attract the attention of consumers, promote product sales, and gift promotions is one of the popular favored by a business promotion method. Promotional gifts, people call it special advertising, advertising promotion, dissemination of brand, establish a corporate image of the most direct advertising. The right gift to express the mind, let the other unconsciously accepted the ad, to gather popularity, quickly enhance sales, to promote or promotional effect.

    Promotional gifts of the role and function, embodied in the following two points:

    First, the promotional gift to have to attract the function, can be trapped through the temptation of consumers to promote the main promotional products intention to stimulate the desire to buy, so as to effectively promote sales. Buy the beads is a very extreme example, if the business can make consumers because of the gift of love and purchase, while the jewelry to buy love, to achieve a win-win results.

    Second, the gift must have brand communication function. Gifts should be a unique and unique style to attract consumers, but also to consumers to pass the jewelry brand demands. Gift style and category to be able to spread the brand's brand culture, spread with the target consumer values similar to the brand language, a strong way to narrow the distance between the brand and the consumer, cultivate brand affinity.

    Jewelery because of its precious, rare characteristics, in the minds of the mass consumer groups is still a representative of luxury goods, jewelry marketing promotional gifts not only with the jewelry brand image to maintain the basic consistent in the style should also be with the promotion Jewelry to maintain a certain internal relationship, taking full account of the characteristics of the target consumer group, so that promotional gifts and brand culture, marketing campaign theme, content to match, to maximize the target consumer groups.

    In the jewelry industry, is committed to the spread of traditional wedding culture Jiahua love jewelry special attention to the choice of promotional gifts and development. In order to make the gift more in line with the brand positioning, to both consumers can also spread the brand culture and the purpose of Ka Wah set up a gift development team, developed a series of wedding with cultural characteristics, popular consumer favorite gift The

    In 2010, in order to celebrate the new site, Ka Wah launched a special gift to customers - Ka Wah gold foil paint screen! The use of China's special lacquer painting process, with natural lacquer as the main material, into the gold, silver and other precious metals, through the plate, copy, material mosaic, painting, painting, paint, grinding, polishing and so on more than a dozen processes refined , Into the paint silver Zhu, stone yellow, titanium dioxide, titanium blue and other pigments, bright colors bright, very beautiful. The face of the 24 words mantra, with six new married, life, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Scene interpretation of the law of happy marriage, express Ka Wah to the lovers of sincere wishes and good wishes. The gift once launched, because of its full of meaning, the characteristics of marriage and culture and excellent work by the majority of Ka Wah joined the customers and customers welcome, have said that the gift of culture, there are grades, not only end consumers like their own Used to give gifts is also a good choice.

    In 2011, Ka Wah new "dragon and phoenix with (two)" listing, with the product marketing, Ka Wah developed a matching theme gift "Luan Feng and Ming Cup." Cup to myth in the "Phoenix" for the shape, smooth lines, fine workmanship, the overall appearance, generous, cup body delicate and smooth, people put it down. In the terminal counter to the cup and the theme of products, props supporting display, suddenly attracted customers and customers from the eyes, played a very good product promotion effect, some no purchase jewelry program consumers because of the cup, is more times to Ka Wah Counter asked to purchase a single purchase.

At the same time, Ka Wah love jewelry also developed a series of marketing gifts, such as "true confession" activities of the exclusive "truth picture frame", through the road long open, moist aura, can bless the family happiness, marriage, Longfeng Yu Pei and other gifts are subject to the end consumer's favorite, the dissemination of Ka Wah brand culture, and promote product sales played a very good effect.

    In the jewelry sales process, the consumer, the gift means a tube of stimulants, for the business is a way of promotion, the effective use of promotional gifts to a new customer can impress the gift can often To achieve a multiplier