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What Is The Benefit Of A Business Card Magnets?

Aug 08, 2017


Business Card Magnets is the company's activities, marketing the best gift. The personal business card made of personalized Fridge Magnet, so that you have both a personalized business card, while giving customers a surprise in the magnetic paste can be printed on the corporate logo or product images can be posted in the office file box, Desktop and other metal products, you can fully display your products and corporate image.

Using the highest quality paper and plastic, coupled with your distinctive design, will bring huge profits for the enterprise.

It is suitable for occasions, whether it is wedding ceremony, birthday party, baby memorial, will be the best gift of small gifts, but also corporate promotional best gift, printed business logo or product pictures, choose your favorite template, through Our online design tools can be used to complete the design of personalized magnetic stickers, so that you have their own personality photos posted. Our magnetic paste has a strong magnetic, can be a long time to adsorb on the metal surface or even the arc. Easy to stick, or light paper with important information, do not have to worry about it will fall Oh! This very interesting and practical a personalized magnetic stickers, but also as a personalized wedding gifts, birthday gifts, whether it is the wedding scene or held Birthday party, this is a unique gift presented to their loved ones and friends, or made invitations in the form of an invitation to them will be for your wedding or birthday party to add an atmosphere.