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What is the promotional effect of coasters?

Jul 25, 2017

There are many materials for the coasters, paper coasters, wooden coasters, plastic coasters, metal coasters, silicone coasters.

Paper coasters, wooden coasters are more suitable for printing advertising patterns, the guests in the use of coasters when you can clearly see the cup on a variety of color patterns to achieve the most beautiful effect of advertising.

Metal coasters cost is relatively high, and the color is more single, but the texture is very good. Applicable to some of the relatively strong sense of metal products for advertising effect. Such as cars, rock and roll, mechanical products.

Abandoned coaster shape is relatively strong, beautiful degree is also very good, but the manufacturing process more cumbersome, so the manufacturing time is also very long.

A variety of coasters have their own effect, apply to your product features and needs in order to achieve the best advertising effect.