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What is the prospect of non-woven shopping bags?

Jul 04, 2017

The rapid development of non-woven shopping bags can be traced back to the 2008 state ban on the nationwide production, sale, use of the thickness of less than 0.025 mm plastic shopping bags, the release of this plastic limit, a direct result of alternative non-woven shopping Bags at an alarming rate of development, and even once the situation in short supply.


      In addition to the external factors, the nonwovens itself has a short process flow, high yield, fast variety change, wide range of raw materials, long service life and many other advantages make recyclable non-woven shopping bags are considered to be An important alternative to plastic bags, which is an important factor in the rapid occupation of the non-woven shopping bags.

        But non-woven shopping bag industry after years of brutal growth, the situation has changed, non-woven shopping bags of environmental performance more and more questioned. In recent years, non-woven shopping bags production and production processes are gradually mature, non-woven shopping bags cost prices began to decline. The decline was mainly due to the increase in non-woven fabric manufacturers, competition led to lower prices, but now gradually evolved into a "price war", or even the quality of the expense of low-cost situation. Poor quality, rough work of the portable non-woven bags, not only the material environmental performance can not be guaranteed, but also greatly reduced the number of non-woven shopping bags recycling, in fact, is to increase the new environmental burden.


        In view of this, the so-called non-woven shopping bags of environmental performance is indeed open to question. But another point of view, whether the rapid degradation is not a measure of non-woven shopping bags are the only standard for environmental protection. In fact, non-woven shopping bags can replace plastic shopping bags, but also because it has the advantages of repeatable recycling. Durable, beautiful and generous non-woven shopping bags is a big business advocacy magic weapon.


       Therefore, in order to promote the non-woven shopping bag industry's sustainable development, we require our non-woven shopping bag manufacturers strict quality control, to enhance the recycling of non-woven shopping bags, so that non-woven shopping bags really become Go out with the first choice!