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Which promotional gifts are most attractive to customers?

Jul 04, 2017

The most attractive customers of the six promotional gifts 1, tooling gifts

Such gifts include straps, luggage tag, silicone bracelet and other types. The biggest benefit of such gifts is that the terminal is interested in some of the set of tools, and it is also very practical for them to work on their own. In particular, printed with corporate LOGO logo exquisite set, will work in the future continue to play a brand communication and deepening the effect. For example, a brand of lubricants in the first half of this year, a promotional activities, basically sent a tool set. But because such gifts are typical of durable goods, once a year is enough to send the second year to send the time, we must consider the difference between the package.

The most attractive customers of the six promotional gifts 2, display gifts

This type of gift mainly includes shopping bags, car fragrant tablets, coasters, Calendar Refrigerator and other types. This type of gift is characterized by customer LOGO can be very eye-catching, often with Qinglie visual impact effect, especially like umbrellas, playing cards such gifts, high turnover rate in the terminal, and repeated opportunities are also very much to the terminal Leaving a very deep impression. Such gifts can be repeated, as long as each time the style has changed on the line.

The most attractive customers of the six promotional gifts 3, clothing category gifts

This kind of gift varieties, as the name suggests, naturally including overalls, casual wear and gloves, cotton jackets and other types. Enterprise LOGO is also very obvious, if the clothing itself involves the beautiful, generous and decent, then the garage owner, auto mechanics and owners of customers have a profound impact, but also on the boss and the auto mechanics there are practical practical value, One stone four birds, enjoyable Choose these gifts must be in time before the clothing season, but also faster than the competitors, the general one to send twice a year, once in spring, autumn once.

The most attractive customers of the six promotional gifts 4, low-value consumables

Such gifts include soap, washing powder, shampoo and hand sanitizer and other cosmetic products, in addition to mineral water, green tea and cola and other beverages. This type of gift is characterized by lower unit value, and very easy to be consumed, and also relatively stable need to continue to add. As the terminal in the promotion period points are generally not too big, send large amounts of gifts they are not easy to get, so they are less attractive, and these small practical consumables for their better results. This kind of gift can be sent every month, but the drink is best considered in the summer.

The most attractive to the customer's six promotional gifts 5, depending on the type of gift

Elegant gift is given to the target customers with distinctive holiday gifts, such as calendar, New Year pictures, desk calendar, calendars and calendar notebooks, notes and the blessing of the word, couplet and the like. The characteristics of this type of gift festive color is very strong, and very memorable and collection of significance, it is the dissemination of corporate culture and image of the very good carrier. And such gifts will be in half a year to a year's time and customers continue to "zero distance

The most attractive customers of the six promotional gifts 6, decorative gifts

This type of gift is mainly common key ring, key chain, mobile phone holder and wall stickers and other types. Its main features are small and exquisite, beautiful and strong, but also has a certain practical value. Such gifts in the production process must consider the novelty of modeling, or its promotional effect and dissemination of the effect will be greatly reduced. Small and exquisite such gifts are generally widely accepted, customers not only I particularly like, but also as a very unique gift presented to their friends and family, virtually the image of the enterprise has been further spread. But it should be noted that, if the image of poor image, to the customer left a negative impact on the brand image greatly reduced.