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What Are The Main Advantages Of Advertising Gifts?

Jun 12, 2017

Advertising gifts are enterprises in the business or business activities in order to improve or expand the visibility, improve the market share of products, access to higher sales performance and profit and special procurement. As a gift of the product, usually with a brand logo or business logo, with some special meaning of the product. Advertising gifts

Advertising gifts than promotional gifts have greater value advantages,

The main body now is not only to let consumers get a good gift, it is a new marketing idea and enhance the company's brand image of the best way:

Advantage 1: have more than "gold" more valuable, more valuable targeted advertising.

Advantage 2: to enhance the stability of customers, increase the probability of customer referral.

Advantage of three: more and more fierce competition in the peer, for more business, faster to improve the speed of turnover, efficiency.

Advantage of four: greatly enhance the company's brand, visibility.

Advantage five: a unique business card, to the customer left a good impression.

   China's promotional gifts in the price has a considerable advantage, if the design innovation will have a stronger competitive edge. The current product trend is to emphasize versatility. For example, gifts on the desk, like calculators, electronic calendars, thermometers, desk lamps, all of which are integrated together in whole or in part. Is the so-called combo, triple and even more. Such as multi-function desk calendar with radio, multi-function flashlight, electronic calendar with alarm clock and sports time, novelty mouse, ballpoint pen with lighting function and automatic

Search function radio alarm clock and many other types, and so forth.

   In fact, the Chinese manufacturers, the technology is no longer a problem, because most manufacturers have a certain research and development capabilities. The strength of the company is not strong, from Japan, Hong Kong procurement components, assembly production. The most important thing is creativity and inspiration. Chinese manufacturers must keep in touch with the outside world, this is the source of inspiration. Foreign procurement of Chinese products, not only directed at cheap, but also to find new products, different cultures of new products.

    Promotional gifts industry accounted for an important component of culture. Oriental people have different cultural backgrounds, often able to design some Westerners can not match things out. Today, oriental culture is very fashionable in the Western world, so Chinese culture is respected, many people are very interested in this.

No wonder in Europe, many from China's sculpture and figures like the best-selling products, which is a lot of foreign investors interested in the Chinese market a strong reason.

   Promotional gifts of the time requirements are very strict, and the company's promotional activities must be consistent. For example, buyers need to be delivered on Christmas Eve, if not sent in time, the buyer may have to cancel the order, regardless of the quality of the product, the late arrival of the goods buyers do not make any sense.

In general:

Compared to other advertising methods, promotional gifts with promotional activities with four major advantages:

First: low cost Compared with the traditional advertising methods such as newspapers, television, promotional gifts with the activities can effectively reduce the cost of wide cost.

Second: quick results. In the network, television advertising, the effect is relatively long, but the effect is also slow. Choose promotional gifts with activities can be immediate, the effect inside to see, with short-term quick effect.

Third: Attraction. No matter what form of advertising you do, consumers are faced with virtual, imagined products. But the promotional gift is really visible, this way is more attractive to consumers.

Fourth: convenience. Promotional gifts with promotional activities convenient, basically do not take up additional resources, which is more convenient than other advertising methods.

Master promotional gifts with promotional knowledge, can be more scientific and scientific promotional activities, play promotional gifts of the four major advantages