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A New Fashion Mobile Advertising Carrier—Cell Phone Cleaner

May 03, 2017

Mobile phone screen rub (also known as mobile phone cleaning stickers) gradually into people's lives, it can play a very good mobile phone screen maintenance and maintenance role. Can also be used to wipe the camera, liquid crystal display and other mirror on the stains. Stains. Fingerprints, etc., wipe the convenience of superior, as young people indispensable electronic product cleaning tools. With the development of modern jewelry industry, mobile phone rub in the appearance of the design into a lot of modern elements, usually cartoon style, fruit modeling, animal modeling, Coca-Cola bottles and other beautiful appearance, colorful style, popular with young people The Recently, the mobile phone screen wipe the new fashion mobile advertising carrier as the identity of the business into the field of vision.

Small cell phone screen can be wiped on a big article. (The content of this event, star avatar); consumption points card, rebate card; the same time, the main part of the product, Business card, promotional card, discount card, commemorative card, travel card; questionnaire card, Merchants Admissions Card; corporate maps, promotions, etc. have a mobile phone screen wipe the figure, the back can also print contact Way, cleaning stickers use the method, precautions and so on.

Compared with the traditional way of publicity, mobile phone screen wipe with repeated trial, easy to be discarded, low cost, wide range of spread and other advantages. Paper-style publicity no matter how brilliant, people tend to be in a stunning after the discarded, mobile phone screen will be wiped with its super practical features were retained. Not as high as the media advertising prices, more importantly, the phone screen is rubbed on the phone, will randomly "move" to a different place, inadvertently spread the business information, a new fashion mobile Advertising carrier.