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Analysis Of Soft Material--cell Phone Cleaner

Jun 27, 2017

PVC is the abbreviation of PVC material, is based on PVC resin as the main raw material for a plastic decorative materials. PVC plastic profiles are mainly composed of PVC resin and additives, which are divided into functional by the function: heat stabilizer, lubricants, agents, processing modifiers, impact modifiers, fillers, anti-aging agent, coloring agent Wait. Before designing PVC formulations, you should first understand the performance of PVC resins and various additives.

         I often come into contact with the PVC resin is mainly used for the production of various types of films (such as daily printing film, industrial packaging film, agricultural greenhouse film and shrinking film, etc.), all kinds of plates, sheet (the sheet can be used for plastic (Such as doors, windows, decorative panels), hollow blowing (for cosmetics and beverages), cables, all kinds of pipe (such as non-toxic water pipes, building pipe, transparent hose, etc.) All kinds of injection products and artificial leather, floor leather, mobile phone wiping and key ring, slush toys and so on.