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Car Perfume Purchase

Apr 25, 2017

Car decoration of the small things there are many, car perfume, seat seat cover, small pendant, and so are a lot of owners like to buy. These things can play the role of decoration can also make the vehicle more personalized and beautiful. Many car owners after buying a car, like to put some like perfume in the car and the like, in the drive when the concentration of fresh and fragrant smell can not only make people feel happy, and can greatly ease the fatigue, while the smell of distribution Can enhance the quality of the car and to a certain extent, the driver's mind refreshing. But for many owners of the car perfume how to choose? Which product is more suitable for us?

Do not care about the impact of perfume. First of all, the smell of the car seriously affect the car's senses and the mood of the car, if only take care of their own feelings, the fragrance of the personality may make the passengers can not accept. In addition how to remove the bad smell of the car there are many ways, many people may be placed in the car a bottle of air freshener or perfume, and this may make the smell more mixed. In fact, the choice of car perfume is very particular about, if casually choose low quality cheap perfume, not only failed to purify the air inside the purpose, but will further intensify the air pollution inside the car. So you choose the car when the car perfume, it is recommended that you choose the product according to demand, different price, different types of products have their own characteristics.

1.Product Type: Little Trees fragrant slices (small tree fragrant film)

Product fragrance: multi-color multi-flavor optional

Whether it can replace the supplement: can not

Trees are made of organic wood, cute tree silhouettes reveal the natural fresh, remove the fragrant film, it is also a good decoration of the vehicle decoration, even after the use of your bookmarks and other purposes. In the course of the use of small tree fragrance film and other forms of perfume is a big difference, it has a periodic table on the packaging, different time to cut the packaging, with the passage of time to let the trees reveal more area and air contact , To ensure that the fragrance concentration is moderate and long.

Product Type: CUE Solid Champagne

Product fragrance: 8 color 7 taste optional

Whether it can replace the supplement: Yes


Essential oils are fragrant and solid perfume

Product Type: JENNY essential oil folder

Product fragrance: the same taste

Whether it can replace the supplement: can not


Product Type: Caravan Carnival

Product fragrance: lavender wind, fresh morning, ocean breeze

Whether it can replace the supplement: Yes

Each of the above-mentioned perfume has its own characteristics, but are both owners are easy to use cost-effective products, and for the network or Auto Parts City sales of some "three no" products, even if the fragrance is not recommended to buy owners , Some poor quality perfume containing toxic gases, will cause harm to the human body, especially some infants and young children, so in the choice of such products should be careful when.