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Carrefour Quit The Shopping Bags

Apr 24, 2017

Beige non-woven fabrics, 35 cm long, 10 cm wide, 18 cm high can be recycled shopping bags, 15 at 9 am debut Beijing Carrefour Wangjing shop.

"We have not yet finalized the use of this shopping bag to replace the white plastic bag." Carrefour China media manager Chen Bo said that they will be based on consumer convenience, price and other needs, in June 1 will come out shopping bags The final program.

Can be recycled to the emergence of shopping bags, attracting the attention of many consumers. Who lives in Wangjing home Zhang aunt and several elderly people saw the hands of the reporter's shopping bags, and quickly around to ask: "Where to buy, this bag strong?"

The side of the staff told them that can be recycled shopping bags are white, green, blue three categories, including rice and green shopping bags market price of 4.9 yuan; blue shopping bags slightly smaller, the market price of 2 yuan The

Recently, the State Council issued a "restrictions on production and sales of plastic shopping bags of the notice" that the excessive use of plastic shopping bags and recycling is not in place and other reasons, resulting in a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, from June 1 onwards, the nationwide ban on the production, sale, the use of less than 0.025 mm thickness of the plastic shopping bags, and all the retail parts of the commercial use of plastic shopping bags paid system, are not free to provide plastic shopping bags.

"More than four to buy a bag, a little expensive." Used to the supermarket to provide free plastic bags of consumers are spending money to buy shopping bags this approach is not suited.

"Consider a lot of consumer habits, the current Carrefour regulations, one-time purchase over 198 yuan, but also receive a recycling can be used shopping bags, promote everyone to use." Carrefour China President and CEO Luo Guowei told reporters, Carrefour in the global launch of the shopping bag, in 2006 the world to reduce the use of 236 million free plastic bags. "We also hope to promote these three shopping bags in China, can reduce the problem of white pollution, and these three shopping bags are very strong, can be used repeatedly.

Reporters learned that Shenzhen this year began to prohibit the free use of plastic bags, you can use the shopping bag only ten days to sell more than forty thousand.