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Gift Box 7 Large Production Process

Apr 26, 2017

Gift box 7 large production process. Wine packaging Xiaobian that gift box is different from the traditional gift, optional experience gift box is a series of carefully selected a variety of enjoyment and services, presented a section Section of the unique experience of the unique. General optional experience gift box looks small and exquisite, each gift box are placed in a beautiful card or optional manual, representing a dozen businesses and their services. Recipient is free to choose a favorite service.

The following are the same as the "

       Gift box production process:


1, design, according to the requirements, culture, as well as the characteristics of the product, etc., design patterns. 2, proofing, according to drawings, to produce samples. Now the gift box looks beautiful and beautiful, so the production of the color is also varied, usually a style of the gift box not only 4 basic colors there are a few color, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors.


2, hand-made bamboo basket packaging, purely original ecology, innovative design, durable, low-carbon environmental protection, can be widely used in fruit, fungi, eggs, food, pickled wax products and other agricultural and sideline products packaging.


3, the selection of cardboard, the general gift cardboard cardboard is cardboard or long cardboard to do. High-grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. And more use of the thickness of 3mm-6mm cardboard with artificial mounting external decorative surface, bonding molding.


4, printing, gift box is only printed with paper, Biaozhi is not printed, and most are only dyed, because the gift box is outside the box, so the printing process requires a high, the most taboo color differences, ink points, bad version These affect the aesthetic shortcomings.


5, surface treatment, gift box paper usually do surface treatment, the common is the light plastic, too dumb rubber, UV, over Varnish, too dumb oil.


6, beer, beer is a relatively important part of the printing process, to be accurate on the need to be accurate, but if the beer is not allowed, beer partial, beer constantly these will affect the follow-up processing.


7, mounted, the usual printed materials are first mounted after the beer, but the gift box is the first beer mounted, one is afraid to blooms, and second, the gift box to pay attention to the overall appearance, gift box Biaozhi must be handmade, which can reach a certain The beauty of the.