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Gift Industry Marketing Can Be More Accurate

Apr 26, 2017

The Exploration of Gift Industry Marketing

Gift industry marketing exploration has not been suspended, the gift industry from the traditional model to the current model of change, has been in innovation, has been stopped before the industry will be eliminated, only the continuous innovation and development to be able to develop better. Marketing can not rest can not stop, rest will mean behind, behind it means beaten.

Anything can only have a temporary rest, otherwise it will produce inertia. Any thing saying that then beautiful, it is better to do well, everything depends on the results of the strength to speak, no results are all white busy. Shouting like a way to make a way out. Although all kinds of related training now springing up everywhere. Some people ridicule you both experts and professors, your speech is very exciting to win a lot of applause but not the same as you are the master. There is a practical experience of marketing people than a rhetoric of experts is much more practical and more, such as expert professor is "God", that gift business owners directly to his millions of annual salary please these masters surgeon is not solved?

Anything can not be solved simply, if anything can be so simple to solve it just fine. The truth is that everything must be in reality. Return to rationality than the actual high, down to earth than the rhetoric of reality, the theory is only the direction of the Internet, although the change of life but can not change the quality. The meal or eat to sleep or sleep, so simple is always better than complex.

Simple and accurate marketing is more effective

China's traditional culture is profound, so a lot of things are not what we think. In fact, complex things can often be simplified, such as a layer of window paper, looks puzzled you slightly with the heart to pierce all the big white world. People are so some people Ayutthaya deep, it seems unfathomable Is this ok? In fact, you do not dare to give you the city government to play. I do not care about you, saying that I can not afford to provoke you can not hide. An expert at the meeting said a lot of specialized terminology, the audience a group of non-professional people hear the joy. Not to speak is not wonderful but the choice of the audience is not a professional.

In general, the current phenomenon of homogenization of the gift market flooded, too many enterprises to pursue product features sometimes not conducive to marketing. So, sometimes we do anything when the things to be accurate simplification, not all things complicated is good, the same, the gift industry to implement the precise marketing simplicity.