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How Can I View The Prospect Of A Recyclable Shopping Bag?

Jul 04, 2017

Environmentally friendly shopping bags market prospects, if you pay attention to you can find that now people with plastic bags are slowly reduced, replaced by more and more people carrying green shopping bags. It is understood that environmentally friendly shopping bags, suits have been gradually accepted by developed countries. This can replace the trees as raw materials, paper handbags, green shopping bags, the international community is recognized as the protection of the ecological environment of environmental protection products.


   In recent years in the domestic market appearance of non-woven handbags, color patterns are very rich, bright, bright, especially flocking non-woven more solemn and elegant. Because it can replace the paper handbag and its price is slightly lower than the senior copper paper paper bag, long life than the paper handbags, environmentally friendly shopping bags gradually accepted by the domestic market.


   According to industry insiders, environmentally friendly shopping bags in the developed countries, the handbag market has occupied 20% of the share, China is currently only 3%. But the experts are very optimistic about this industry, because the concept of environmental protection is now gradually accepted by the people.


Environmental shopping bags with wear-resistant, recyclable advantages, so loved by the general public, the following describes several common shopping bag size:

1,18 * 15 * 5 specifications, this kind of environmental protection shopping bags small and exquisite, usually used as a gift bag, work is also very simple.


2,36 * 30 * 8 specifications of the non-woven bag is the most commonly used daily non-woven bag, use a wide range, and therefore the largest demand for a shopping bag.


3. 40 * 30 * 10 specifications, this type of shopping bag is also a commonly used, the price compared to the above specifications of the green shopping bags to be high, with the above specifications with the formation of multiple types to facilitate the customer to choose.


4, 50 * 70 specifications, this type of shopping bags larger, usually used to hold bedding, clothing and other larger quality lighter items, the demand is not more than the commonly used specifications.


    Shopping bag specifications is not just these four, like the market is now very popular folding shopping bags, when used is a big shopping bag, when not the time can be folded very small, easy to store. So the main specifications of the shopping bag or by the customer and the decision, manufacturers can be produced according to customer needs, so as to meet the different needs of customers, to customers to produce a satisfactory bag.