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How To Make A Variety Of Materials Coasters?

Jul 25, 2017

The production process of the coasters is simple and individual


1, the production of a paper cup coaster, direct selection of materials according to the requirements of the cut on it.

2, the production of plastic coasters, the same is a good choice of materials can also be cut their own.

3, metal coasters to see the specific requirements of the beautiful, if it is not much demand, you can buy some cheap easy to deal with aluminum, etc. can be self-tailoring.

4, wood coasters are relatively simple, understand a little saw the process people can do.

5, buckle coaster with epoxy to do the art of flowers is the best look. Those buckle key chain, chain pendant, etc. are all unique and delicate, like amber, crystal clear, colorful flowers in full bloom inside. In fact, to make such a handicraft is not difficult, first put the flowers and flowers placed in a fixed position, then A, B plastic to 1: 3 ratio of uniform deployment (call out the transparent color was uniform) , And then it drops in the betting on the flowers, and so it naturally dry, it has been successfully set the beautiful, and the whole craft is refined so that you can not see the slightest traces of hand. The most amazing thing is that the flower can not only set the original shape of the flowers, through the wonderful idea, you can also put the flowers cut into a different pattern. Such as the morning glory can be cut into small girls flying the skirt, the leaves cut into pieces of grapes, the goldfish grass into a soft willow ... ... the most happy is that you can also with their own preferences, free Put them in a different format, and then put them in the frame to hang, which became a unique work of art.

Of course, the number of businesses specializing in the production of coasters, coaster is a FMCG, the market is in short supply, just the domestic demand has been beyond the expectations of many companies, so vigorously increase production is the only strategy.