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How to custom fridge magnets?

Jul 25, 2017

1. Choose the material for the fridge Magnets

Fridge magnet material respectively paper fridge magnet, Epoxy fridge magnet, plastic fridge magnet, PVC fridge magnet, tinplate fridge magnet. Choose their own product requirements, make the role of the refrigerator to achieve results.

2. The use of fridge magnet

Fridge magnet can be used to decorate, you can also make notes on the refrigerator record calendar, thermometer refrigerator can view the temperature, photo frame refrigerator can be binding their own photos, puzzle refrigerator can make children more fun. The use of each refrigerator is not the same, the definition of use is also better to promote the brand.

3. size

Fridge magnet stickers are large and small, need to define the rectangle or square, round and other patterns. Can also be developed in accordance with cartoon characters.

4. color

Fridge magnet production costs are part of the color from the number of multi-color refrigerator will be slightly higher cost of the refrigerator, but the multi-color refrigerator stickers look more beautiful.