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Incense Car Air Freshener Crowd Favorite

May 12, 2017

Whether it is a new car or the old car, every day to open the door, always more or less smell some smell inside the car. Some of these smells are caused by the chemical composition of the automotive interior materials, and some because of the owner's smoking or bad car habits accumulated perennial odor. Long time to ride in the closed pollution of the car space, the number of various pollutants and bacteria to be much higher than the car.

Ozone and other cleaning often do not clean up the dead and hidden risks. There are owners choose to use car perfume to adjust the smell of the car, but the perfume can only cover up rather than eliminate the smell, but also may cause the car's secondary air pollution. In order to make the air more fresh, as recently incense and other high-end Chinese herbal medicine was introduced to the automotive supplies market. These natural pollution-free Chinese herbal medicine supplies, is becoming the new darling of air pollution prevention and control. Use car perfume carefully secondary pollution in the face of the car smell, many owners will choose to deal with car perfume. In an interview with some car beauty shop, the reporter found that car perfume is the owner to deal with the car when the odor to buy the most car supplies. According to reports, the main reason is compared to the car air purifier, car perfume price is relatively flat, the use of more convenient, in addition to smell "effect" is more obvious. But in fact the car perfume can not eliminate the air pollution inside the car. Its main principle is to use a strong aromatic material hidden odor, by confusing people's sense of smell to dilute the smell. At present, the market sales of car perfume is mostly composed of ethanol, flavor and other ingredients, these substances in the sun after the decomposition of some of the gas composition itself is air pollutants. Therefore, the use of car perfume can not eliminate the car pollution, but is likely to appear secondary pollution and increased the degree of air pollution inside the car. And perfume is usually bloom in the glassware, the sun may also explode for a long time exposure. In addition, the air purification of automotive products, such as car oxygen bar, low prices, has also become a vehicle owners often use decontamination tools. But its function is to release a certain amount of negative ions and ozone, do not have an effective filter purification effect. In addition, the higher price of photocatalyst car air purifier, first of all its ultraviolet radiation itself on the human body, while many products purification efficiency is not high, and only when the vehicle power to work. High-grade Chinese herbal medicine into the automotive supplies market Recently, the natural Chinese herbal medicine accidentally become the owner of the new darling. At present the most hot is the use of natural bamboo charcoal, lavender and other Chinese herbal medicines made of Chinese herbal medicine supplies. Such as bamboo charcoal sucking packets, bamboo charcoal pillow, lavender pillow, cassia seed cushion and so on. And directly deal with the car air pollution of Chinese herbal medicine products, bamboo charcoal is undoubtedly the most applied. But there are consumers to reflect, bamboo charcoal can really play the role of smell, but the effect is not particularly obvious. To this end, with high anti-bacterial, aroma effect of high-end Chinese herbal medicines such as incense and so has been introduced in the car in addition to taste and aroma of the field, and by the increasingly pursuit of health, natural consumer market welcome. According to reports, car incense aroma can kill the air harmful to the human body bacteria, such as removing the new car leather taste, reduce leather pollution, but also make the air fresh air, play the role of air purification.