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Long-term Promotion Of The Gift Industry Triggered A Hidden Price War Crisis

Apr 26, 2017

In this era of non-promotion, gift industry promotion in fact need to pay attention to methods and science, not blindly, otherwise only allow enterprises to die fast. So by means of scientific means combined with advanced means of communication in order to increase the user's experience, to enhance the value-added products have the possibility of victory.

Long-term promotions lead to hidden price war

Through a large store to investigate can be found, according to more than a dozen shops in the survey summary of the main use of several ways. "Cost price" temptation to consumers, "a series of the last" to attract the eye, the theme of planning to double the rendering, in short, "award delivery".

However, the industry believes that the gift market to long-term promotional activities to fight you to me, will inevitably become a hidden price war, long-term low prices make corporate profits fell, it is difficult for the product itself to form a better improvement, and blindly short- Price war to seize the temporary market, to the development of the industry also formed a vicious circle.

Development must rely on upgrading the value-added products

At present, many companies open the market has been deviated from the gift business long-term development goals of the track, low-cost promotion has become a common phenomenon in the current market. In fact, the gift business blindly to attract consumers at low prices, with meager profits or even zero profit risk initiatives are not suitable for long-term protracted war, then how to increase market sales in an extraordinary period of time from the added value of the product, Good solution to this problem.

Consumers have a product before the purchase of a beautiful dream about the consumption of this product, who can round the customer's dream, the customer will naturally choose who, even at high prices, the importance of value-added products so reflected. Gift companies in the product development to increase investment, by adding scientific and technological components to improve the added value of the product, while mining product features, diversified production, focus on individual demands, to seek more attractive product features.

Take the brand development path is king

"The price of the gift market is limited, no matter how exciting the promotion, the price is low, consumers are less likely to buy the second." A brand dealer said: "Branch has a strict price strategy, we can not think To a little short-term interests and hurt the brand.It turns out that no drift, not free to join the price war, but in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand image, sales climbing. "Consumers do not understand the product, so buy Mainly rely on the brand's awareness. Brand is a whole value, consumers concerned about the details of the brand a successful promotion will give consumers a good impression.

All in all, the development of gift business alone is not feasible, and only enhance the brand image, to give value-added products in order to allow consumers to have a brand awareness, is the gift industry and the industry as a whole brand development Everlasting guarantee.