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Research On The Market Depth Of Advertising Bags

May 12, 2017

In the modern merchandise sales and various promotional activities, shopping bags can be described as essential products, like some clothing, gifts, electronic products and the like at the time of delivery, will be given to the customer a considerable size, with Have their own brand LOGO logo bag, both convenient to carry customers, but also to improve the product quality to promote their own brand, there are some businesses will produce some promotional bags with a large number of distribution to promote the brand promotion The Of course, to a certain extent, the more refined the production of handbag printing, and its packaging is also becoming more high-end, the higher the cost, and thus shopping bags are also concerned about the major business concerns one of the daily business needs.

In order to more effectively promote products and services, almost all businesses will be their own goods with beautiful handbags. To see the show, to the shopping malls to buy, buy cosmetics, go to brand-name shop sweep goods, publishers to open a new book conference, product manufacturers to promote new products ... ... all the way away from the people in the back, All kinds of paper bags. Some of these paper bags, some huge, some petite; some elegant color, some bright, some solemn; pattern or innovation to shape to win, or funny humorous play funny; some emphasis on the use of the product effect, some prominent feature of product. These large and small paper bag, constitute a colorful street scenery.

Now people often see the paper bag, such as gift bags, shopping bags, advertising bags, mostly with thick kraft paper, kraft paper, offset paper, light coated paper, white cardboard, embossed paper and Coated paper, matte paper, printing through offset press, die cutting, sticking and forming. Due to the modernization of printing technology and equipment, printing patterns are very beautiful, delicate, rich in form of expression. And according to the needs of customers, can be covered, and increase its toughness and water resistance; can also be matte film, to show off the quality of goods at the same time do not reduce the user's identity; some simply use pure kraft paper production, Such as coupled with a unique professional design, you can give the product simple and elegant style, like a low-key luxury inadvertently revealed aristocratic atmosphere.

According to the Chinese report hall to understand, the price of the bag on the printing, copper cardboard bag the highest cost, followed by white cardboard, gray white cardboard, white card. Such as the need for film, the production cost is higher than the kraft paper. Kraft paper stiffness and toughness is better, the surface is also relatively rough, and with a background, generally not suitable for 4-color printing, only some monochrome printing, do not have the surface coating.

With the rapid economic development, China's gift market has evolved into a gift economy, the concept of gifts has also undergone enormous changes, liquor, red wine, brand bags, high-end cosmetics, celebrity calligraphy and painting, new baked electronic products include The As a popular outdoor packaging items - handbags, it is the best use of business promotion tools.

In the modern business activities, the most indispensable is the publicity, the bag is like an activity of advertising, it not only for shoppers to provide convenience, you can also take the opportunity to re-sell products or brands. The size of the bag printing market is small, but it is indispensable in people's social life, with the rise of China's commercial retail, bag printing business growth will be faster and faster.

Commodity packaging is the face of the goods, the customer is the first to attract customers in the purchase of goods elements, so enterprises in the packaging design of goods are very particular about, and strive to see the goods in the customer at the first moment was Attracting, and good packaging and ultimately in the design of color efforts, so Ami Mall to organize some of the packaging design in the color grasp skills. The grasp of color skills should be noted from the following: First, the relationship between color and packaging care; Second, the color and color of their own contrast. These two points are the key to the use of color.