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Reusable Shopping Bags Manufacturers

May 03, 2017

According to US local media reports, located in California, Command Packaging company intends to build a new PE recycling plant to farm waste as raw materials, the production of reusable supermarket shopping bags. This means that thousands of tons of agricultural plastic waste in the United States has found a better "destination" than being filled directly.

Abandoned agricultural film and PE dropper drive regenerative shopping bag thickness of 2.25 mil, the object carrying capacity of 22 pounds, its service life of up to 125 times.

The contradiction between environmental protection and economic development has been the focus of the sudden among environmentalists and industrial representatives. However, over the years, they have never been able to discuss a reasonable solution. As a result, Command Packaging CEO Peter Grande initiation of agricultural plastic Recycling ideas

Peter Grande said, "I think it's boring if we need plastic. There is no doubt that everyone needs plastic and can not do without it. At present we need to discuss how to produce more environmentally friendly plastics, and how to use it in a More reasonable way. "

The new plant will be put into operation in October this year. By then, Command Packaging will use its patented technology to deal with agricultural PE waste, and then produce environmentally friendly shopping bags.

Outdoor exposure test is to put the plastic bag test samples into a specific test site directly affected by specific climatic conditions, and the general test time is very long, several months or even years, the data obtained relative to the use of plastic woven bags environment.

       According to the above-mentioned UV accelerated aging test products, in the real use of the environment, the anti-aging effect will be different, especially in the case of adding filler in the case of hindered amine light stabilizer, the anti-aging effect is unstable The Although the outdoor exposure test of the woven bag is long, the manpower and financial resources are put into large, the experimental data are basically in accordance with the actual use requirements and can be used for the evaluation of anti-aging quality and anti-aging effect of woven bags.