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San Francisco, USA: The First City To Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

Apr 25, 2017

After weeks of lobbying by local environmentalists, legislators in San Francisco City voted to pass a decree prohibiting the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets to manage the growing "white pollution" problem. San Francisco has thus become the first legislation to ban plastic shopping bags in the United States.

According to the law, supermarkets and grocery stores must provide bags for recyclable paper bags, degradable shopping bags made from corn byproducts, or reusable bags.

San Francisco City Counselor Ross Mokalimi expressed the hope that other cities in the United States to follow the practice of San Francisco, to take measures to control the use of plastic bags to protect the environment. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson also expressed support for the adoption of the statute by the City Council and looks forward to signing the law.

The new regulations were opposed by some grocery store owners who thought the law was unreasonable, such as the production of shopping bags with corn byproducts as a relatively new technology, more expensive and untested. A spokeswoman for the US Natural Resources Defense Council expressed doubts about the law, believing that more trees would be cut if used too much paper bags.