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Small Fridge Stickers Provide Big Articles

Apr 25, 2017

Economy travel summer vacation peak, many people come back from abroad, like to buy a few small refrigerator posted to friends. Nearly a week, the author has received friends from the United States, New Zealand and Vietnam and other countries to bring the refrigerator, pattern design with exotic characteristics, one or five dollars, the price is not high, the profit is not low. These refrigerators are almost all produced in China, but in the domestic tourism, but rarely see the refrigerator like a tourist souvenirs. From south to north, the domestic size of the scenic tourist souvenirs sold almost thousands of people side - poor porcelain, scarves, Russian sets of baby and so on. Neither culture nor characteristics, it is difficult to stimulate the desire to buy tourists. On the one hand, many places engage in "culture + tourism", frequently to the level of the traditional cultural process out to do a cultural souvenirs, the results of high prices, high and low, often lose money earned shouting. On the other hand, many manufacturing companies also do not see a small "refrigerator", that there is no technical content, are minor, but also earn no money. In fact, the author specifically consulted the industry, a refrigerator posted profit margins as high as 60%. Compared to traditional manufacturing, called profiteering. Foreign refrigerator stickers hot case tells us the truth: the supply side of the structural reform is not only sophisticated technology innovation and transformation and upgrading, but also stressed that enterprises closely around the market demand side, take the initiative to eliminate the production capacity does not meet market demand, Where is the market, where is the supply side of the structural reform of the direction and force point. With the words of the Provincial Committee, is to "expand the effective supply", "play a good market out of the role." Small refrigerator, hidden supply side of the structural reform of the big reason, how to "go" "down" "fill", the market demand side is ready-made "baton".