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The Magic Of The Smart Refrigerator To Make Life More Interesting

Apr 25, 2017

Many small girls will be in the refrigerator or computer to get some decorations, such as the refrigerator to a cartoon to sell Meng's refrigerator, to the computer's display to a sweet dust cover, these small decoration can make the home environment looks more Warmth. Invoxia from France in the refrigerator on the paste made an article, the company recently launched a tribus called Triby smart refrigerator, its appearance is actually a 2.9-inch electronic ink display, smart and lovely, the user can Through the APP to connect with it, and then as long as their own graffiti on the phone, the screen can be displayed in the refrigerator on the screen.

In addition, it also has a built-in speaker, through the Bluetooth connection can use this guy to play music at home, in addition to listening to music, Triby can play Internet radio, and through the application of private lines to achieve high-definition voice calls. This product through the USB port to charge, very convenient. It is reported that this smart refrigerator will be landing this summer in Europe and the US market

神奇的智能冰箱贴 让生活变得更有趣