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Trendy Car Decorations Embellish

Apr 25, 2017

Buy a car you like, this is just the beginning of the car life. Look at other people's car dazzling array of car accessories, is not their own heart itch? Go to Auto Parts City or automotive supplies market to buy, I believe you will be more dazzling I do not know what to buy good. As a also like to go to the auto parts market, the reporter from the island city car beauty market "Amoy" to several of the current market to IN car accessories and practical car goods. Look at it, there is no you like it?

    ● Tao clay perfume: let the fragrance wear "wall" and over

    Car perfume, almost every novice in the mention of the new car, the first to consider the purchase of the product. Reporters in the oil monkey car repair and other island city car beauty repair shop to see this year's car perfume has a new shape - clay pottery perfume. This fragrance bottle material is mud pottery, through the clay pottery to the air distributed fragrance, its shape for the most festive, rich, auspicious folk figure, and can be injected into the perfume through the needle tube.

    ● Car guide ball: double-sided adhesive "sticky" out of the sense of direction

    For the novice who like to travel, it is a good idea to paste a small guide ball in the car. Reporters on the market to see, the car guide ball is generally double ball design, the upper sphere is pure black, the lower sphere is gray and black, the whole sphere shape simple and stable, the scale is clear and intuitive. In addition, the car guide ball with 3M double-sided adhesive, can be attached to the rear of the mirror or above the dashboard, neither occupied the car space, and easy to view.

    ● car fragrance paper: "suck off" car dirty air

    Although we do not recommend fragrance to cover the smell of new cars, but if both for the car to create a trace of fragrance, but also effectively eliminate the dirty components in the air, and cheap, then, car fragrance paper is a good choice. Reporters from the product packaging to see, car fragrant film with high-density cotton cardboard, special spice ion fragrance, can make the active ingredient slowly released, fragrance time of 30 to 60 days. Currently on the market, car fragrance paper generally have more than 20 kinds of fragrance can choose, can be suspended in the vehicle cab.

    ● Paintbrush: scratches like a frown

    Novice on the road, scratching is often inevitable things. If the car for a two scratches run 4S shop, time-consuming and costly.

    But if it does, it really ugly. At this time, you can be equipped with a good effect, easy to use car scratches repair DIY tools - makeup pen. Paint pen according to the original car paint modulation, car dedicated, pen and brush dual-use, strong adsorption, easy to fall off, in a small scratches or paint peeling Department painted this product can be repaired, cover and fill Scars, and with the function to prevent rust, for the novice, is a necessary car with one of the small stuff.