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UK: Shopping Bags Are Charged Billions A Year Later

Apr 25, 2017

According to the British government statistics, in October 2015 began to purchase plastic bags charges, the England region seven major supermarkets used a total of 640 million plastic bags. While the use of plastic bags in the seven supermarkets in 2014 is estimated to reach 7.64 billion. If you keep this trend, then the use of plastic bags this year will be reduced by 83%.

British Welsh region from the beginning of 2011 to implement shopping bag charging measures, followed by 2013 Northern Ireland and 2014 in Scotland two regions also began to implement. After the shopping bag charges, these three areas of plastic bags were reduced by 76%, 71% and 80%.

According to this provision, retailers who employ more than 250 full-time employees must charge 5 pence ($ 0.44 per customer) for each disposable plastic shopping bag.

British government statistics show that in the full implementation of the shopping bag charges policy: large retailers sold 1.1 billion one-time shopping bags, shopping bag charges total revenue of 41.3 million pounds (about 366 million yuan), of which At least £ 29.2 million is donated for the fields of environmental protection, education and health care.