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Waste Fabric Recycling

Apr 24, 2017

Now living standards are getting higher and higher, we will wear old clothes or throw away with the old fabric readily. However, Urumqi campus road science and technology park community Li Ling will collect the waste fabric to re-cut, made shopping bags, insoles and other items commonly used in life into the community, for the needs of people to use.

70-year-old Li Ling will be out of their own "old friend" sewing machine, to collect the old clothes, old cloth sewn cut and cut. This is not, two days before she went from the upstairs little girl in the hands of "grab" came to be ready to throw away the old curtains. "These fabrics are very good, you can make environmentally friendly shopping bags to the neighbors." Li Ling then took out from the bedroom a large pile of environmentally friendly shopping bags, bags are made with different fabrics together, style and more Species diversity. Li Ling said: "The first two months I made a number of shopping bags into the community to listen to the community staff said the bag was soon finished, I made a number of.

In addition to sending shopping bags, Li Ling will make waste fabric made of insole, cushion and so on to the neighbors.

"Now advocate environmental life, I hope that young people can also use the waste of life in the re-use, do not waste." Li Ling said.

Science and Technology Park community staff Yue Yue said: "Lee aunt is very enthusiastic, often the collection of fabric made of shopping bags and so on to everyone, this waste fabric recycling environmental philosophy worthy of our study.

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