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What Are The Properties Of The Coaster?

Jul 11, 2017

Coaster according to the material can be divided into the following:

1, paper coaster are usually due to their own fragile characteristics, can not be washed with water, usually a one-time;

2, wooden coaster wooden coaster practicality is relatively strong, but also more durable, but the color is too monotonous with the species;

3, plastic coasters PVC plastic made of plastic coasters, many shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model, etc., plus the company, corporate LOGO is more prominent, not only practical, but also can play very well The visual effects and advertising effects. In addition, the use of PP material made of coasters, as well as PP top plus EVA bottom combination of coasters in foreign countries are also more popular.

4, metal coasters mainly tinplate, the same lightweight, durable.

5, abalone cups to capture the flowers in full bloom in nature, after finishing, processing, the use of special tools for dehydration, so as to maintain the original color, and then after the author's design, design, paste made into a new shape, Give it a new life.

6, silicone coasters as long as the use of food-grade silicone on the human body harmless and safe non-toxic, so useful "multi-color one molding process" can be more colorful appearance. Is one of the most popular advertising promotional gifts.