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What Is A Cotton Bag?

Jul 11, 2017

Cotton bag is an environmentally friendly bag, it has a small and convenient, durable, does not pollute the environment. The best of the best

It is able to repeat use. Thus greatly reducing the environmental pollution.

Cotton bags: the international popular very popular bags, cotton is taken from the natural cotton, most of the environmentally friendly cotton bags are rarely stained.

It is very environmentally friendly in the raw materials; Moreover, the price of cotton cloth bags than non-woven high prices, choose its business and units are generally more environmentally friendly, more powerful, with ink will not save that point Cost; it is degradable, there is no pollution to the environment; its firmness is also much higher than the non-woven, its lines, fine print imaging results are good, this is also stronger than non-woven; Soft and easy to fold to carry; because it is not clean cotton cloth is not easy. This bag is best suited for shopping bags, but because of the high cost, the craft is complex and not popular