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What Is An Air Freshener

Nov 16, 2018

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Air freshener is an aerosol or spray that consists of ethanol, flavor, deionized water, etc., which masks the odor by dispersing the fragrance and reduces the feeling of discomfort.

Air fresheners are usually classified into solids, liquids and gases. However, in the summer and autumn seasons, the festival is strong, and it is easy to generate ozone. If necessary, do not use air freshener as necessary to prevent damage.

Product introduction editor

Car air freshener, also known as “environmental perfume”, is the most common method to purify the air environment inside the car and improve the air quality. Because of its convenient carrying, simple use and low price, the air freshener has become a driver friend to purify the air inside the car. The first choice, its working principle is also very simple, is to add a small amount of drugs in the smelly substance, through the chemical reaction to achieve deodorant type editing


Air freshener is a chemical product that has been applied in the field of environmental sanitation in the 20th century and can be divided into:

1. Aerosol type. Refers to a canned product that uses a propellant. When such products are used, the air freshener in the closed tank can be uniformly sprayed under the pressure generated by the propellant, and a spray in a suspended state is formed in the air.

2. Spray type. Refers to a micro spray product that does not use a propellant.