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What Is An Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bag?

Jul 18, 2017

The so-called environmentally friendly shopping bags (Reusable shopping bags), generally refers to the repeated use, and its production materials can be naturally degraded shopping bags. These products are safe and environmentally friendly. For the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, from the source to take effective measures to urge enterprises to produce durable, easy to recycling plastic shopping bags, guide and encourage the rational use of plastic shopping bags, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources to protect the ecological environment, further Promote energy conservation and emission reduction work.

p201702221438259627823.jpgIt is recommended to use the United States waste or European waste, according to A or B grade Kraft Liner Board technical indicators to control the production of base paper. Surface layer can be noodles, you can not noodles, which should be based on to

Do not print complex designs and advertisements. The weight of the paper can be 135 ~ 150 g / m2.25 × 20 × 15cm paper bag to bear the weight of up to 8 ~ 15 kg.

Need to bear a certain amount of water goods

You can also use all waste paper. But on the basis of the above criteria, add a certain wet strength agent 0.5 ~ 1.0%, wet strength can reach 10 ~ 15% dry strength can be.

Meat or other wet goods

The same can be used to create all the waste paper shopping bags. This requires the addition of paper in the process of paper or the surface coated with environmentally friendly anti-oil agent. It is also possible to spray the water-soluble or degradable resin twice on a kraft liner with good surface strength.

Waste paper

Many manufacturers in mainland China, has developed a full waste paper clip paper. That is, in the papermaking, the two layers of pulp between the textile principle of adding water-soluble yarn,

Green shopping bags

Green shopping bags

The layer of paper can reach the strength of four layers of kraft paper, you can completely replace the ordinary cement bag paper. Similarly, single-layer paper can be used on shopping bags.